During the years the Orbas Inc. has expanded and we were able to add some new branches to our company. As we have experienced in the past, the Orbas Inc. network will expand in the future.


Remscheid Branch Experts for corner monsters and freaky yards Distel vom Engelskotten and Tyga vom Lindelbrunn www.riesenschnauzer-vom-engelskotten.de


Witten Branch Central Office for fluffy dogs of all kind Zar-Ivan von Ronanke and Berry a.d. Rosengarten www.whitedog-page.de
Niederbayern Branch Experts for mice and other furry yard inhabitants The Schweigermoos Gang www.zwinger-vom-schweigermoos.de
Texas Branch Expert for indoor sandstorms Ben v. Hatzbachtal,
Leika v. Hatzbachtal,
Jule v. Messeler Park,
Covennant's  Hope